2020 SLC Marathon Virtual Race

Run, Bike, or Skate with us. Anywhere.

STEP 1: Register

If you did not register before the postponement announcement due to COVID-19, it’s not too late to participate. Click on the button below to register. For those already registered pre-announcement, there’s nothing to do. Move to Step 2!

STEP 2: Plan Your Virtual Race

The cool part of a virtual race? You can do it anywhere, anytime. Enjoy the break from the early climbs on Alta and Virginia and cruise through your flat neighborhood. Practice smart social distancing by racing on your own, avoiding traditional heavy run times (Saturday and Sunday mornings), and exploring new routes to avoid crowding. You have until May 18, 2020 to complete your race. 

STEP 3: Race and Record

This is the step where it happens. Hit the road, path, or trail and get in your run, ride, or skate. Make sure to use your favorite tracking app and save your virtual race. We need to see the awesomeness you did. Complete the race results submission form HERE and we’ll verify the date, distance, and time. IMPORTANT: Set your race’s visibility status to public. This also helps us aggregate results to show how you did with your fellow SLC-Marathoner’s across the country.

STEP 4: Share Your Experience

During these challenging times, you dug deep and completed this event all on your own. Well done, you. Don’t keep it to yourself. Let your fellow participants and the world know about your accomplishment. Take photos and share on social media as you go. Be sure to tag us at #slcm and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

STEP 5: Get Your Swag

You earned them so show them off! The 2020 Virtual Salt Lake City Marathon experience includes the same high quality and cool swag you’ve come to expect from our race. The race packet features a custom reusable grocery bag, event t-shirt, and finisher medal. For those in the Salt Lake area, we’ll host a packet pick-up event as soon as possible (once it’s safe) at the Salt Lake Running Company. For those out-of-state or out-of-country, you can choose to have your packet shipped to you for an additional fee. Please see the FAQ section here for full details. 

Virtual Race FAQs

When should I complete my race?

Anytime between now and May 18, 2020 at 11:59pm. A virtual race differs from a traditional "in-person" race in that it allows you to complete your event on your own and not on a specific date or time. In fact, we encourage athletes to think about days and times when roads, paths, and trails are used less (when possible) to avoid any overcrowding.

Do I have to use the actual course routes on the website?

No. For the safety of all, we discourage the use of our certified routes to help everyone follow recommended social distancing guidelines from the CDC and WHO. Use this as an opportunity to explore new places to run or use your usual training circuit to log the miles and beat your personal best.

What app should I use to record my race?

Whichever app you prefer but we recommend the following: Mapmyrun.com, Garmin, and Strava.  Be sure to test your app before you head out. Once you are done and have recorded your race, be sure to SET YOUR RACE'S VISIBILITY TO PUBLIC. Many of these apps default to set your runs or rides to private. You'll need to link to your virtual race to submit your official results to us so please test it first!

How do I submit my virtual race results?

Use the form located here.You will need to enter some personal information, time, and link to your race recorded on your preferred health app. Please test the URL on your virtual race link to ensure that if you are logged out, you can still see it. This will prove it is viewable to anyone with the link. Remember that many health apps default recorded runs and rides to a private setting. We can't view these so please check that the visibility status is set to public. This form must completed and submitted no later than Friday, May 22 at 11:59pm.

What happens after I submit my race results?

Once you complete the official "2020 SLC Marathon Virtual Race Submission" Google form (see FAQ topic above), our team will review your submission and cross reference it with our registration database. We'll make sure your result is matched up with a valid registration. Once all is verified, results will be aggregated and a link will be distributed with official virtual race standings. This will be completed by May 31, 2020 and posted at www.saltlakecitymarathon.com/. These rankings will not be provided to determine awards but rather as a fun way to compare athletes across the country participating in this virtual challenge in the spirit of the Salt Lake active lifestyle and energy of the Salt Lake City Marathon series of events.

How do I get my swag?

An official packet pick-up event will be held at the Salt Lake Running Company at a date TBD. Given the current restrictions to mass gatherings caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we are unable to finalize the date. When clear direction is available, we will communicate with all registrants the exact date, hours, and Salt Lake Running Company location. Further details on the pick-up process will be provided then, too. Please prepare yourself for additional precautions not required pre-COVID-19 as these may be recommended or required by local, state, or national authorities to prevent any further spreading of the virus.  Some participants qualify to have their packets mailed. See below for futher details on packet mailing.

What if I need my packet mailed to me?

Registrants that signed up prior to the event's postponement announcement on 3/23: If your address on file with your registration record is out-of-state, organizers will automatically mail out your packet following the successful verification of your race result and registration. If your address has changed or you would prefer to have it mailed, please email info@saltlakecitymarathon.com. Additional charges may apply to cover the out-of-pocket shipping costs.

Registrants who signed up for the virtual race (After April 6): The registration process allows for you to choose to have your packet mailed to your home. A fee applies for this service. If the shipping service is not selected, your swag will be available at the packet pick-up event. The date, times, and Salt Lake Running Company location for this pick-up is still TBD and will be announced as soon as we have clear direction on when such an event can be held safely.

Please allow ample time for process and shipping. Packets should be received no later than July 15, 2020.

Can someone pick up my packet for me?

Yes. Please send a copy of your race registration confirmation from Chronotrack to the person picking up for you along with a copy of a valid ID. These can be digital copies via email or sent in a picture via text, for example. We apologize for any extra work or frustration this may cause. We need to have a back-up process for locating your registration (Chronotrack's registration confirmation) and proof of your knowledge the packet is being picked up on your behalf (copy of your valid ID).  This will allow for a quick and easy pick-up process for all that attend.

Will awards be handed out?

No. Given the vast differences in dates, weather conditions, terrain, elevation, and other factors that may be present or not present for any person's virtual race, it would be unfair to declare winners for any of our categories. However, in the spirit of fun competition and curiousity, results for all virtual races will be combined and displayed with rankings at www.saltlakecitymarathon.com by May 31, 2020.

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