Where, When, and How to Navigate


Although we do our best to lessen any impact on our community, we expect that there will be some impact on traffic to your homes or places of business on race morning. We will keep you as informed as possible about the race route and reopening schedule. With some advanced planning and allowing for a little additional travel time, we hope the impact will be minimal.

To ensure the safety of our participants, we select course segments that require 100% closure. Many course segments are only restricted to one-way traffic. We take our direction from the public safety departments of the participating municipalities of Salt Lake City, Salt Lake County, the City of South Salt Lake, Murray City and Holladay City.

In some areas the course will be only available for use by the Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K Run, 5K Run, Bike Tour, and 10K Skate participants. Some of these select street closures could be for up to seven hours.

Be sure to plan ahead for the best routes to your home or business!

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we may cause and appreciate your understanding to help us put on a world-class event for our athletes, Salt Lake City, and our great state of Utah!



Salt Lake City police officers will allow traffic to cross the route at major intersections as crowds allow. Your patience is much appreciated! Traffic from the Avenues neighborhoods can cross 11th Avenue at I street and routes above M will be clear of runners.

Street NameFrom
Road ClosedRoad OpenEvent
S 200 EE 500 SE 400 S12:00 AM5:00 PMALL
Wasatch DrMario Capecchi DrN Campus Dr1:00 AM11:00 AMFull, Half, Bike
S 200 EE 600 SE 500 S3:00 AM2:30 PMALL
E 500 SS 300 ES State St3:00 AM2:30 PMALL
N Campus DrWasatch DrE Federal Heights Dr5:30 AM8:00 AMFull, Half, Bike
E Federal Heights DrN Campus DrN Virginia Ave5:30 AM8:30 AMFull, Half, Bike
N Alta St4th AveFairfax Rd5:30 AM8:30 AMFull, Half, Bike
Fairfax RdN Alta StN Virginia Ave5:30 AM8:30 AMFull, Half, Bike
N Virginia AveE Federal Heights Dr11th Ave5:30 AM8:30 AMFull, Half, Bike
11th AveN Virginia AveBonneville Blvd5:30 AM9:00 AMFull, Half, Bike
Bonneville Blvd10th AveCity Creek Canyon Rd5:30 AM9:00 AMFull, Half, Bike
Canyon RdMemory Grove Park Gate2nd Ave5:45 AM9:30 AMFull, Half, Bike
2nd AveA StreetN State St5:45 AM9:30 AMFull, Half, Bike
N State St (NB curb lane only)E 200 N100 S5:45 AM10:00 AMFull, Half, Bike
E South Temple StN State StS 1100 E5:45 AM10:00 AMFull, Half, Bike
S 900 EE South Temple StE 800 S6:00 AM10:30 AMFull, Half, Bike, Skate
E 800 SS 800 ES 1200 E6:00 AM10:30 AMFull, Half, Bike, Skate
S 1100 EE 900 SE 2100 S6:00 AM10:30 AMFull, Half, Bike, Skate
E Garfield AveS 1100 ES 1200 E6:15 AM11:00 AM
S 1200 EE Garfield AveRamona Ave6:15 AM11:00 AM
Westminster AveS 1200 ES 1600 E6:15 AM11:00 AM
S 1500 EGarfield AveE 2100 S6:15 AM11:00 AM
Sugar House Park RdEntire road around parkEntire road around park6:15 AM11:00 AM
Hollywood AveE 2100 SS 900 E6:15 AM11:00 AMHalf, Skate
McClelland St2100 S800 S6:15 AM11:00 AMHalf, Skate
Downington AveMcClelland StS 900 E6:15 AM11:00 AMHalf, Skate
E Garfield AveMcClelland StS 900 E6:15 AM11:00 AMHalf, Skate
S 900 EE 2100 SLogan Ave6:15 AM11:00 AMHalf, Skate
E 1700 SS 1000 ES 500 E6:15 AM11:00 AMHalf, Skate
E 2100 S (EB curb lane only)S 1500 ES 1700 E6:15 AM11:30 AMFull, Bike
S 1700 EE 2100 SE 2700 S6:15 AM11:30 AMFull, Bike
E 2700 SS 1700 EE 2000 S6:15 AM11:30 AMFull, Bike
S 2000 EE 2700 SLambourne Ave6:15 AM11:30 AMFull, Bike
Lambourne AveS 2000 ES 2300 E6:15 AM12:15 PMFull, Bike
S 2300 ELambourne AveS 2390 E / Holladay Blvd E6:15 AM12:15 PMFull, Bike
S 2390 E / Holladay Blvd ES 2300 ES Holladay Blvd6:15 AM12:15 PMFull, Bike
S Holladay BlvdS 2390 E / Holladay Blvd EE 4500 S6:15 AM12:15 PMFull, Bike
E 4500 SHolladay BlvdS 1300 E6:30 AM12:30 PMFull, Bike
S 1300 EE 4500 S4130 S / Winder Lane6:30 AM12:30 PMFull, Bike
E 4130 S / Winder LaneS 1300 ES 1500 E6:30 AM12:30 PMFull, Bike
S 1500 EE 4130 S / Winder LaneE 3900 S6:30 AM12:45 PMFull, Bike
E 3900 SE 1500 ES Highland Dr6:30 AM1:00 PMFull, Bike
S Highland DrE 3900 SE 2700 S6:30 AM1:00 PMFull, Bike
E 2700 SHighland DrS 600 E6:30 AM1:00 PMFull, Bike
S 600 EE 2700 SE 1300 S6:30 AM1:30 PMFull, Half, Bike, Skate
Belmont Rd (E side of Liberty Park only)E 1300 SE 900 S6:30 AM2:00 PMFull, Half, Bike, Skate
S 600 EE 900 SE 800 S6:30 AM2:00 PMFull, Half, Bike, Skate
E 900 SS 600 ES State St6:30 AM9:00 AM5K
E 800 SS 600 ES State St6:30 AM2:00 PMFull, Half, Bike, Skate








Need help? No problem! Email us at and provide your starting address, destination address, and your time of travel on race day. This is your best option to get the most accurate and helpful detour route.

You can also call the Salt Lake City Marathon information hotline at (866) 311-SLCM (7526). Please understand you may need to leave a voicemail and our team will return your call as soon as possible.