Prepare to Beat Your Best


Salt Lake Running Company offers many different options for training from free group runs to a group training series which leads you through a 5K, a 10K, and a 15K.


The Runner’s Clinic uses the latest technology including force plate treadmills, wireless EMG and slow motion video capture to analyze your running mechanics, identify your optimal form for reducing running specific injuries and provide solutions for acute or chronic running injuries. 


What if you could support a world-class cancer research facility, make new connections with people in your community, and get top-notch marathon training. This is an even bigger way to commit.


The SLC Marathon Psyching Team is here to help you with the mental side of running. We are sport psychologists and other mental health professionals in the Salt Lake City area who work with runners to develop mental skills to prepare you to have the best, most enjoyable race experience.

Because we’re affiliated with the race, our services are completely free and include:

  • Goal-setting
  • Psyching up
  • Breaking through when you “hit the wall”
  • Relaxing before the start of the race (or the night before)
  • Any other mental aspect of running

Find us at the Expo, race start or finish line to get you in the right head space. Contact Dr. Davis VanderVeen for more information or to get involved.

IV Drip Therapy

You’ve tracked your miles, followed your schedule, and are determined to finish strong. Let us help you the last mile with an IV Drip or Vitamin Shots for pre-race hydration and performance. Call/Text or Book Online (801-866-2201) to come in or visit us at the pre-race expo for a FREE B12 shot and more information. Give yourself the edge with IV Drip Therapy from FIKA Infusion + Wellness this race. You can also visit us after the race to help with a faster recovery!