Salt Skate City

NEW Start Line for 2020. The 10K Skate will start at the same location as the 5K start on 200 E between 400 S and 500 S. The course will move through the downtown and Sugarhouse areas. The skate event is open to inline and quad skaters of recreational, fitness, advanced and pro race levels. The course is relatively flat and smooth with slight grade variation.

As an official event of the University of Utah Health Salt Lake City Marathon weekend, our goal is to make the Salt Lake City 10K Skate an exciting experience for all participants. We encourage EVERYONE to review the 10K Skate rules. Because our goal is to provide our participants with a quality experience, we want everyone to have the opportunity to enjoy the event safely.

Start Time: 7:10 am
Start Location: 450 S 200 E
Finish Location: Library Square
10K Skate Awards Ceremony: 9:00 am



Aid Stations
Water will be available at the event start and finish lines, with one water station mid-point on the course.

Medical Support
Representatives from the event’s medical and communication team will be stationed along the course to observe participants and assist with any medical injuries or emergencies.

Portable Toilets
Portable toilets will be available at the start and finish area. Please DO NOT relieve yourself on either private or public property along the course.

Course Markings
We have made an effort to mark potential course hazards (such as manhole covers, divots in pavement, pot holes, etc.) along the course in bright orange fluorescent paint. Please be aware that on race day there may be additional obstacles that could be potentially hazardous to skaters. Please skate within your ability and be aware of the course, potential autos pulling in/out of the course and changes in terrain.

Slow Skaters and Strollers
Slow skaters and those with strollers are asked to please skate to the right throughout the course as a courtesy to other skaters and runners who will be merging into the course. If you are still on the course and the police escort for the runners comes upon you, please move to the far right to allow the runners through. Continue along the right until you have reached the finish line chute. Please observe the time and be aware that runners could catch up to you on the course and remember that runners will have right-of-way over slower skaters one they overtake you on the course.

Special Notes:

  • Children on the course in strollers must wear helmets.
  • Skateboards, roller skis and poles are prohibited from the 10K Skate.


While the 10K Skate is a chip-timed, competitive event, you can also skate it just for the sheer fun of it.

Each participant will get the gun time at the start line, and will be provided with an official chip-timed finish. We will also have a digital clock at the finish line to display your elapsed time.

Average skating speeds range from 10-20 mph with the pro racers reaching 25 mph in the finish sprint.

Participants must finish the 10K (6.2 mile) course to receive a time, otherwise you will be noted as a DNF (did not finish).


Address: Library Square at 200 E, between 400 S and 500 S

Skaters may encounter the last of the Bike Tour riders upon approaching finish line. The Bike Tour has a separate finish area, so please make sure that you stay to the right and enter into designated chute for skaters.

The last mile of the course is a huge celebration filled with crowds of well-wishers and more energy than you thought possible! After crossing the finish line, participants receive their medal and can head into the refreshments area where Water, Gatorade products, Kodiak Cakes pancakes Creamies ice cream, Dole fruit cups, and other food for replenishment will be waiting.

Participants, as well as their families and friends, are invited to join the post-race festivities where live bands perform on the entertainment stage. Fun, interactive exhibits for adults and children as well as great food will all be part of the festivities to help celebrate and cheer on the athletes.