We are proud to announce that the city of Salt Lake has named the Salt Lake City Marathon one of its signature events for the second year in a row! Helping contribute to to Mayor Becker’s Livability Agenda, the Salt Lake City Marathon is believed to be consistent with Salt Lake City’s goal to be the best place to live, eat, work, play and do business.

This year, the Salt Lake City Marathon ranked in the top tier (five other events joined us at this status) and our cash prize was the fourth highest at $13,000. Our event was ranked the highest out of all the city’s sporting events. Check out the full list of 2015 Signature Event Fund Award winners here.

The Signature Events Fund (SEF) was established by Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker and the Salt Lake City Council to provide funding to support community events in Salt Lake City. The fund is designed to support both larger events that provide significant economic and/or cultural contributions to the community and smaller community events that, due to their nature and scope, are unable to generate the needed revenue to cover presentation costs.